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Alien Worlds: How Much You Can Earn | Maximize Your Earnings

Earn income on the side by playing to earn in Alien Words, the largest metaverse game out today.




With the introduction of Blockchain and NFT games like Alien Worlds, people now have the opportunity to earn real-world money while playing games. Among some of the Blockchain games, Alien Worlds is the most popular.

But how much you can actually earn from playing Alien Worlds?

Let’s find out.

How Much You Can Earn in Alien Worlds

This article will be a short guide on how to earn money and maximize your earnings in Alien Worlds. Alien Worlds is a cryptocurrency and NFT based game revolving around space exploration and Trillium mining, the token used in-game. You’ll also battle other players while mining and exploring around the galaxy.

Ways You Can Earn in Alien Worlds

Tirilium or TLM is Alien World’s main currency. It is designed into the core gameplay. TLM is a cryptocurrency that is publicly traded on Binance, WAX, and other cryptocurrency markets. This means it is very safe and convenient to get USDT if you earn TLM. There are a few methods of earning TLM in Alien Words. These are:

  1. Mining Trillium (TLM)
  2. Buying Land on Alien Worlds Planets
  3. Selling Alien Worlds NFTs you mined or traded

Mining Trillium (TLM) in Alien Worlds

Mining for TLM is the core gameplay of Alien Worlds. The game’s economy revolves around this mechanic. TLM is used for various things such as staking, mining, converting, buying NFT game cards, etc. If you want to be efficient in mining TLM, you’re going to need CPU power, investments in good NFT Alien Worlds game cards, and plenty of time and patience.

How Much Can I Earn Mining TLM in Alien Worlds?

Complete beginners earn around 1 USD/hr. Most players mine around 1 hour per day because the mining process itself can get pretty boring really quickly. With your average beginner’s game card build, you’ll complete around 15 mining expeditions in that 1 hour.

Each mining expedition will yield ~0.15 TLM on average.  These yields were achieved while mining on medium charge time land. This means you’ll achieve 2.25 TLM per hour which roughly equates to 1 USD. Yes, this may sound very low but these numbers are what you’ll achieve when you start mining immediately after starting the game for the first time.

More advanced players will have access to better tools and NFTs which will reward more TLM per mining expedition. With better mining tools, you can earn between 6 – 10 USD per hour. Quite a jump from 1 USD.

Buying Land on Alien Worlds Planets

Players can also invest in owning land on the planets of Alien Worlds. Lands are a great way of earning passive income in Alien Worlds. However, lands are super expensive and limited in number too. Each of the 6 planets only have 3,000 land NFT game cards available.

We do not recommend buying land if you’re just starting out in Alien Worlds. Try and play the game and see what the best approach is for you. However, if you’re loaded with cash to spare, being a landowner in Alien Worlds can be a profitable side income.

Lands are a source of passive income because landowners earn a commission of all the mined TLM on their land by other players. Before buying land, make sure that you check whether it is popular among players. You can do this by visiting the AW stats website. This website tracks various landowner earnings from mining commissions.  

Selling or Trading Alien Worlds NFTs You Mined

Finally, we have selling NFTs that you earned through mining expeditions. Based on the tools you used and the land you mined on, you’ll have a chance of receiving an NFT on a successful mining expedition. The chance of acquiring an NFT can range from 0.5% to around 20% if you’re using the best tools available.

The NFTs you’ve collected through mining can be sold on the AtomicHub Marketplace in exchange for WAX tokens. These WAX tokens can be then exchanged for TLM on multiple WAX exchanges. A great example is You can then transfer your hard-earned TLM to Binance via the Alien Worlds Teleport Protocol. There you can exchange them for the currency of your choice.

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