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AI: Art Impostor – How To Play | Beginner’s Guide

Don’t let them find you out!

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ai art impostor how to play beginners guide

AI: Art Impostor is a party game released by Pocketpair on November 3rd, 2022. In it, you control an artist who manipulates Artificial Intelligence to draw a series of artworks and is constantly in danger of being exposed by other artists in PVP multiplayer. Sounds fun? If you bought the game or want to buy it and wish to know everything before pressing play, follow this Beginner’s Guide!

Beginner’s Guide – How To Play AI: Art Impostor

The proposal of AI: Art Impostor is to use artificial intelligence to generate images based on prompts (i.e. small phrases with keywords of what you wish to be included in the drawing) provided by the player.

ai art impostor how to play beginners guide2

At the beginning of each AI: Art Impostor match, players will vote in categories from which the theme of the match will be selected. The challenge is to come up with creative drawings related to that theme.

ai art impostor how to play beginners guide3

But there’s a trick! Of all the players involved, one will also be appointed the impostor. If you’re the (un)lucky one, it means that you will not be told the theme!

ai art impostor how to play beginners guide4

As the impostor, your goal is to guess the theme based on the category and what others are drawing (hence why artists should come up with images that don’t easily identify the theme!).

ai art impostor how to play beginners guide5

At the end of the match, players will choose one of the artworks they created to display for everyone.

If one drawing is substantially different from the others, it will be obvious who the impostor is. But even if you find yourself in this embarrassing situation, there’s a way out!

If the impostor correctly guesses the theme, they will bounce back and take the win!

ai art impostor how to play beginners guide6

So, are you ready to tackle the challenge? AI: Art Impostor is now available for PC.

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