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Adventure Quest 3D: How Long Will You Have to AFK To Get a Title

Be a great AFK-er and get your badge and title for it in Adventure Quest 3D!




Adventure Quest 3D How Long Will You Have to AFK To Get a Title

If you are a player of Adventure Quest 3D, you might be enjoying running errands in the form of doing quests. The fun of exploring and learning about new characters while completing tasks is what you get aside from the respective rewards.

Finishing quests with friends is surely more enjoyable than you think. But have you ever heard of just standing with your friend and doing nothing? Believe me when I say that this will not be boring as you think. There are also rewards in return for this.

As you progress in your game of Adventure Quest 3D, you will encounter the AFK Quest.

How Long Will You Have to AFK To Get a Title in Adventure Quest 3D

How Long Will You Have to AFK To Get a Title in Adventure Quest 3D
Source: WonderBoyJake

The AFK Quest is a mission wherein you have to be away from the keyboard for 1440 minutes. Once you have already finished this, you will get to receive both the badge and the title of being an AFK Master.

We know that 1440 minutes or 24 hours is quite a lot. This means that you have to grind being AFK in the game. However, we have a hint for you to not get bored or think that you are wasting your precious time waiting for your clock to finish running.

AFK Master

One thing you can do to make use of your time while here AFK-ing is to claim the rewards from your tasks that you haven’t claimed yet.

Another thing is by reading the stories from Trove of Useless Things. Although some of the information here is indeed useless, reading this can still give you an idea of the story and lore of the game.

However, if you are already done collecting all the rewards and not in the mood to read stories, we are now left with the last option. This is actually a big revelation.

Doing this AFK task does not actually mean that you have to be AFK. You can still do the usual things you do in the game: running, talking to your friends, or even exploring the world.

It is still considered AFK as long as you are on the map; your clock will still run and add progress to your quest.

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