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Chained Echoes; Where to Find 3 Buried Treasures Kortara




Chained Echoes Where to Find 3 Buried Treasures Kortara 1

If you have been craving an old-fashioned Turn-Based RPG that reminisces the sixteen-bit era… Chained echoes might just be the game for you.

Set in a colorful sixteen-bit medieval fantasy world, this amazing role-playing game will have you involved in all sorts of adventures: from fighting fearsome dragons… To running and hiding from guys in mech-suits.

While traversing the lushing green forests of the region, you may come up with hidden treasures spread throughout the area. It may be frustrating for new players to find quickly all these treasures, especially when the map is as big as it is.

For players who can’t spare the time or are just way too curious for secrets, we’ve crafted this guide specifically for finding the buried treasures in Fiorwoods.

Most areas in the game have a finite number of buried treasures in them, in this area, we will be looking at 3 of them.

Finding the 3 Treasures in Chained Echoes

Finding the 3 treasures 5
Source: RPG Division

For the first Buried Treasure, you need to walk into the area that has the pointer of the player on it. You will arrive at the center of 3 roads.

To find the treasure, you will need to walk south and walk above the tall grass (as if it was a Pokémon game). Keep walking over the grass at the limit of the map, where you can see the edge of the island and the sea. Eventually, you will get lucky and find the treasure.

Buried Treasure 1
Source: RPG Division

The second Buried Treasure is in the area below the location of the first Buried Treasure. You will need to get to the “IDEN” location (right corner of the map) and take the route that leads down.

You will eventually get to a stop (between an arch made of trees), you will now need to go left. Go left until you reach a pair of trees (the ones that are immediately after the cut tree). Go and walk between the tree and the wall and you will eventually find the Buried Treasure.

Buried Treasure
Source: RPG Division

The third Buried Treasure is in the area located at the west corner of the map. First, you will of course need to head to the location pointing the player’s position (check the image). 

You will arrive at a stop between two tall trees with red fungus next to them. Walk down and go to the right. Walk right next to the red fungus and you will get the third Buried Treasure.

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